Session A4. Ballroom B-C. (Continuation of Session A1) 1.5 CE hours.  Setting out on the Hero’s Journey: Exploring your Calling with SoulCollage® (Part 2) – Connie Banta, MA, MFA

Session A5. Ballroom D-E. (Continuation of Session A2) 1.5 CE hours. In the Aftermath: Helping Couples Recover from Affairs and Betrayal (Part 2) – Andrew Counts, MA, LPC, ALPS

Session A6.  Huntington Room.  1.5 CE hours.  Evidence-Based Pathways to Recovery: Essential Tools to Address the Opioid Epidemic in West Virginia – Garrett Moran, PhD

This presentation will introduce the attendee to the opioid epidemic in West Virginia. Particular attention will be given to understanding opioid use disorder as a physiological problem and illuminating current resources (treatments, educational resources, and facilities) available to address opioid use disorder.

Learning Objectives 1. Understand the development of the opioid epidemic in WV. 2. Understand the physiological basis of addiction as a chronic brain disorder. 3. Begin to reduce social stigma associated with addictive disorders. 4. Discern the effectiveness of several opioid use disorder treatments. 5. Know what resources are available in WV to address the opioid epidemic

Event Timeslots (1)

Oct. 31 (Day 1)